Spoken English - Language Development Classes

SPEAKEE a Unit of Kids Palace is the best kids spoken English Institute in bhubaneswar. Are you looking to give the best training. 

Is your Kid

  • Shy in nature?
  • Not Comfortable to speak fluently in English?
  • Hesitate to ask question in the class room?
  • Not able to give brilliant speech?
  • Is suffering from stage phobia?
  • having grammatical problem?
  • Not able to write effectively in English?
  • Not able to understand in the class because of English medium of teaching?
  • Not able to read perfectly?
  • Are you looking for a good environment to make your child speak fluent English without fidgeting?
  • Would you like your child to speak more fluently and confidently and  improve their written English skills?

This is a skill based course will help increase your child’s fluency and confidence in using English, and enhance their abilities in speaking, listening, reading and writing. Students use a special technique to provide a structure to the lessons , developing their use of the language through stimulating and challenging activities. The classes are fun and interactive , encouraging young learners to effectively communicate and improve their vocabulary and grammar.

Why This Course

  • Communicate clearly and confidently in English
  • Think creatively and imaginatively in different situations
  • Activate their knowledge and become more fluent
  • Develop their communicative competencies
  • Learn independently by developing effective reading habits
  • Fun activities
  • Role plays
  • Various sophisticated mental techniques
  • Play English scrabble with your child
  • Involve students in practical activity oriented
  • Build vocabulary through poem and story telling
  • Tongue twister to reduce Mother Tongue Influence (MTI)
  • Teachers and students with maximum interactive learning experience