Childs Brain Development Program

Brain Development: Ages  6 – 14

As their brains continue to develop, children at this stage have a growing need for independence in their decision-making and thinking process. With an increasing attention span, children of this age group can carry out detailed directions, make step-by-step plans to carry out complex plans, and begin to use logic and reason in problem-solving.

At this stage, children typically:

  • Develop critical and abstract thinking skills.
  • Develop their own games with complicated rules.
  • Become skilled in reading, writing and use of oral language.
  • Begin to express creative skills through writing, acting, inventing and designing.
  • Ask many questions to develop their own point of view.
  • Begin to collect things and develop interest in projects.
  • Care about fairness; develop a sense of right and wrong.
  • Develop competitiveness.
  • Start to understand puns and riddles.
  • Become curious as to how things work and how they are made.

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