Vedic Math - Speed Math Calculation

Derived from “Atharva Veda” the methods of Vedic math are a form of mental calculation. It increases calculation speed and accuracy among children and can be used as another tool to makes a child strong in mathematics, especially in Arithmetic and Algebra.

Vedic Mathematics is a collection of Techniques/Sutras to solve mathematical arithmetics in easy and faster way. It consists of 16 Sutras (Formulae) and 13 sub-sutras (Sub Formulae) which can be used for problems involved in arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, conics.

Vedic Mathematics is a system of mathematics which was discovered by Indian mathematician Jagadguru Shri Bharathi Krishna Tirthaji in the period between A.D. 1911 and 1918

Outcome of the Programme:

  1. Increased calculation power
  2. Increased capacity of solving geometry, calculus and computing
  3. Very useful for competitive examinations
  4. Increased mental abilities and competitiveness

The Course:

  1. Minimum entry level : Class 6
  2. Duration 4 months
  3. Weekly 2 to 3 classes (1 class of 2 hours)
  4. Taught in two levels