ABACUS - Complete Brain Development Program

Abacus training is the modern day tool to teach the structured techniques of faster and accurate calculation which is derived from the ancient counting frame which was used to conduct arithmetical calculations among the merchants in Europe, China and Russia since 500 B.C. The modern abacus which is still used instead of calculators in China and some Asian countries were invented 4000 years ago in China.  It is an interesting fact that to develop the mathematical skill of human brain the abacus is the best and easiest way. 

Now the point of contradiction is, without learning abacus also numerous people have done very well in their life. But Abacus training is required to facilitate any student of different age group not only for mathematics, but this techniques will allow a student to use their brain in a balanced way. So in turn this will enhance Memory retention/Recall, Concentration, Brain and Body activity Synchronization, Listening skill, Writing Skill, Indirect Writing, Speed Writing, Interpretation and Visualization skill, Analyzing skill, and above all the self-confidence.

In short we can say that Abacus training will help the brain development in a scientific way. This particularly helps the students to strive for excellence without any external force; the technique is interesting and students participate in the abacus training class spontaneously; thus helping them to learn and grow from within themselves.

When should the Abacus training start?

The pre-requisite is, a child should be able to count 1 to 100 to join Abacus training; may be at the age of four or five.

Generally 99% of human brain develops by the age of 10. The supply of “right material” to facilitate the growth has to be given on “right time”.  So relatively mature students of age 6 to 9 years will be able to comprehend the learning techniques properly and can implement the same in their school lessons and lifelong.

How it works:

Generally calculation is done by the left lobe of the brain, the logical side and the right lobe of the brain, the abstract and creative side and which is faster than the left lobe remains mostly  in-active in traditional method of calculation. In Abacus method the right lobe saves the image of bead pattern and the left lobe applies the requisite rules to perform the calculation – thus making the total process faster and stress free. As the right brain involvement increases through this method, so besides the mathematical skills one can enjoy the clear improvement on various abstract skills like visual recalling, speed listening and interpreting, and intuitive action against instructions.

Outcome of Abacus Training:

  • The improvement of numerical memory
  • High marks due to improvement in memory of spatial arrangement
  • Progress in solving general mathematical problems
  • To acquire the ability to calculate rapidly and accurately and to calculate mentally
  • Increased confidence to accept mathematical problems through conscious thinking, thus increasing the self-confidence.
  • Overall development of the character traits and other skill areas required to do well in academic results.

The Course:

The complete programme is comprises of 6 modules, each module is sub-divided into further levels. All students who will be admitted in one module, he or she should pass the exit test of prior module with minimum 90%.  We conduct weekly one class of 2 hours. But daily practice of 15 minutes is necessary to get the success.

Module I: Sprout 1

  1. For students of Junior Kg
  2. One level
  3. 3 months

Module II: Sprout 2

  1. For students of Senior Kg
  2. One level
  3. 3 months

Module III: Creeper

  1. Age Group 6-9 years
  2. Students of class 1 to 4
  3. Five levels
  4. Each level is of 3 to 4 months

 Module IV: Blossom

  1. Age Group 10-14yrs
  2. Students of 5th to 9th class
  3. Four levels
  4. Each level is of 3 to 4 months

Module V: Advance

  1. Age Group 10+
  2. Two levels
  3. Each level is of 3 to 4 months

Module VI: Expert

  1. Age Group 10+
  2. One level
  3. Duration 3 to 4 months